Rose Face Mist


Sin existencias



Natural, Organic and chemical-free

Alchemical Rose face mist.


Skin properties:

Moisturizing, regenerating and harmonizing

Ideal for sensitive, irritated and dry skin, anti-inflammatory, soothing.

Provides flexibility. Healing and restorative of the skin.

Ideal in case of acne, psoriasis and eczema.


Energetic properties:

4th Chakra: It gives us the connection with our Venusian energy, inviting us to give ourselves the love that we need at all times.

Connection with the heart chakra, unconditional Love.


Ingredients: Essential oils of roses and geranium. Quartz and rose petals alchemical elixir. Natural vegetable preservative. Vitamin E.

Medicinae Siderum

Natural Cosmetics & Alchemical medicines

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