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Ghassoul Clay + Triphala + Sandalwood

External Use

Old and powerful purifying recipe.

Ghassoul: This clay of Moroccan origin is good for a variety of uses, hair, body and face. Its beneficial effect on the skin and joints has been known since ancient times, due to its ability to drain toxins and reduce inflammation. But its effect on organs and areas of the body, congested and inflamed, is also useful.

Triphala is a rejuvenating and tonic Ayurvedic powder Blend, made of three fruits from India: Haritaki + Amalaki + Bibhitaki.

High antioxidant. The best micronized to purify the system, corrects any excess in the 3 doshas.
Balances, detoxifies and nourishes. High content of vitamin C and antibacterial property.

* Haritaki – A well known fruit that is excellent for anti-aging and thinning of the skin. Rejuvenates tissues.
* Amalaki – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vitamin C properties. Used as a remedy for treating acne, eczema and rosacea
* Bibhitaki – Has purifying and astringent properties.


In this video you can see more about how to use this face mask:

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