Live Plant Alchemy Tutoring


Live 3 hour tutoring class. You will learn step by step the main laboratory operations of plant alchemy to elaborating plant medicines.


In this live 3 hour tutoring classes you will learn step by step the main laboratory operations from plant alchemy to elaborate plant medicines.

-Tincture making







We will go at our own pace from the basic laboratory operations up to intermediate and advanced techniques for elixir making. We will explore together the path from the Heavens to the Earth and back to Heaven, recreating the Art of the Philosophers in each operation and emulating cycles of Nature. We will work with Lunar and Solar cycles, harvesting and elaborating medicinal tinctures according to moon phases and zodiacal signs through the year.

The main objective of these classes is deepening the understanding of what an alchemical medicine is, in the hope that they spark your personal creativity and capacity of creation and deepen your connection with herbal medicine to share with your loved ones in your own community.


  • The format of the course will be online or in person, the dates will be determined on a person by person basis, however the classes can be in groups or individual, in accordance with the attendance. If a group is made there will be a group chat to confirm dates. You will pay each class as you attend, with a price of £65 per 3 hour class. This first payment is for your first class. For any further questions or information please contact us to with your inquiry.

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