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Medicinae Siderum means the “Medicine of the Stars”, its name arose in a truly mystical and mysterious way, through a story, a vision of the master-gods of ancient Egypt, in which they transmitted to us a healing process for all beings that “are tied to the stars”. Each person brings a star code, a constellation tied to their existence and a seal or a promise that must be fulfilled during their lifetime.

Medicinae Siderum is an astro-botanical and alchemical apothecary, and as a mission we have the task of offering tools for people to decode their own promise in this life, and discover their astro-botanical and alchemical Seal.

Each one of us has a specific task and a gift to allow them to carry this task out, and at Medicinae Siderum we invite you to immerse yourself in your internal and external laboratory, in order to discover this mission and the gifts that accompany you as an Alchemist (co-creator) of your own reality.



Holistic Therapist and nature researcher, creator of the School-Apothecary Medicinae Siderum.

She works as a product designer and teacher in this School-Apothecary project where she teaches how to create natural medicines and alchemical potions.

In 2014 she began her path as a Yoga Teacher giving classes and training other teachers in the path of physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual health of Yoga and hindu healing arts. She studies and teaches Alchemy, Herbalism and Ayurveda since 2018.

In 2020, she began her diploma in Medical Astrology, and Magic and Medicine of Ancient Egypt, due to the contact with spiritual teachers who guided her to deepen this path.

Her path in Yoga, Alchemy and Ayurveda Medicine condenses in greater depth in her personalised Holistic health sessions.

She currently provides therapies and online workshops:

Holistic Therapy 1:1 Sessions (online or in person)

•Medical Astrology •Breathwork •Reiki •Yoga and Ayurveda

Therapeutic Alchemy Online Course:

•Design of alchemical tinctures and elixirs •Alchemical Meditation and Rituals

 •Design of your Alchemical Herbarium •Medical Astrology and herbalism

–Online Yoga classes

-Tarot Readings

-Reiki Usui Attunements levels I, II and III

-Venusian Facial Ritual (in person):

•Consultation of skin biotype and characteristics

•Complete facial treatment with natural cosmetics


Investigates and studies the world of plants and their relationship with the human being, in an experimental and perceptive way.

She studied morphological botany, organic and agroecological gardening, holistic phytomedicine, worked as a promoter of INTA (Arg), and has wide knowledge of natural cosmetics, shamanism, tensegrity, microdoses of medicinal plants, astrology and plant alchemy.
She studies and trains as a yoga and ayurveda teacher.
She collaborated with Medicinae Siderum’s teachings with Luciana Berchi in the Introductory course to Natural Cosmetics, on how to create all natural products for the skin from home.

She has been teaching workshops since 2015 on growing and cultivation of plants as a medicine that gave rise to what is now <La voz de la esencia>, her personal project, which was born from communication with plants, nature and the encounter with the Voice of the spirit that manifests itself in different ways through all beings.

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